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Fortnite Gaming Van Parties

The Ultimate Party Choice!!

Gaming Bus Parties to the NEXT LEVEL with a full on Fortnite Gaming Party. 4 Players, 4 Huge Screens, Teams, Solo‘s or however you want. But it doesn’t have to be Fortnite, you can play whatever you like! 


An Awesome Experience!

Mix it up, we have multiple copies of all the best games out today for Multiplayer, Solo and Team play... or just play what ever you want! Just the job for the best Kids Gaming Bus Parties


2 Awesome Driving Seats

Fancy a Race? or just a drive about together! We have 2 dedicated Driving Seats with steering wheels and pedals for the best Kids Party, suitable from age 7 upwards and they are super easy to do so no experience needed. Go Head to Head, Solo or just Free Roam around our selection of great Driving themed Games like The Crew 2. Suitable for all ages and experience. Gaming Bus Parties with us are Epic!


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Our service area

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Take a sneaky peek inside our Gaming Van!

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Your Party - Your Way!


For this age our Gaming Parties we can be hands on, helping them move between the different and best games for them, setting them up and even setting little challenges in the games! and making sure they’re having a great time! 


For this age range the kids generally know what they all want to play and how to play it! We are there to help all of the time if they need us but we listen to what they all want to do and make sure they know about what the van can offer!


Generally, Teens won’t want a "Gaming Bus Party”... but they would like an Amazing Gaming Van all to them selves for 2hrs! And of course we are there if they need us... but we are happy to leave it to them if that’s what they want! 

We can offer both Boys and Girls Gaming Bus Parties!

Feel free to Contact Us for more info on how we create our super fun Girls Gaming Parties!

Under Van lightsl

Or How About an Eventing Birthday Party?

Ideal for Teenagers. Safe / Fun / Different!

Depedning on time of year, book a time to start when its still light and finish in the dark! Resulting in great Gaming Parties


Get Free Party Invites with all Next Level Gaming Bus Parties!

Driving simulators
PS4 Steering wheel games

The Ultimate Gaming Party Van


🔫 Fortnite Parties

⚽️ Fifa Parties

Single player or Multiplayer Gaming, we mix it up so everyone is having a great time!

🎮 All set in the most awesome LED lit environment

👍🏼 No Experience Needed

🤡 Your Party, Your Way. We know how to throw a Party but we can also just leave it to it

> Freestlye Play

> Mini Competitions

> 2 - 4 Player Multiplayer

> Fun Mini Games

How a Typical Kids Gaming Party Works


~ Our Amazing Van parks safely on your driveway before your booked start time 😀

~ We need just 2 household plug sockets to plug into. We have very long extension leads! ☺️

~ Then we take it from here! 😎

~ If your booked Gaming time is 2hrs we usually do this non stop 😬

~ If your party involves a birthday tea or lunch, it’s up to you if this is before, after or even mid way through!🤩

~ After your booked Gaming time we simply un-plug and go on our way! Oh but, we leave the kids! 😁


All Age Appropriate Gaming


As we are unable to verify the ages of all the kids at our gaming parties we ask the booking party to state the age limit for gaming for the booked party. See out T‘s&C’s for more info 

Multiplayer Fun!


We know the secret to great Gaming Bus Parties.... loads of multiplayer games! We have some great titles that help us to make sure everyone is involved.