Our V.I.P Gaming Parties for Teens are becoming super popular!

Teen party

Teens wouldn’t necessarily want a “Birthday Party” but they would want an amazing looking Gaming Van all to them selves for 2hrs... and this is pretty much exactly what we offer! From the convenience of your driveway they get to play all the games they know and love but all together. In their words “It’s pretty Sick!”

Music on Demand too!

We can provide all the latest tunes to play through our awesome Bluetooth speakers as background music, or they can provide their own and link up to our system from their own device. 

Snacks and Drinks in the Van!

We will provide drinks and snacks to eat and drink in the van throughout the party. Food and drink is not usually permitted within the van but hey! This is a VIP party right! 

6 Teens + 1 Super Fast Games Console each + 1 Amazing Event = Teen Heaven!

All the consoles can link up, they have the option to all play all in the same game or play whatever they like! 


From Age 12 upwards

Suitable only for children aged 12 and over due to the snacks and drink in the van, plus at this age they like to have a console to themselves without having to share! 

Evenings only.

Bookings are Evenings only 6pm - 8pm on the weekends (Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays) and can be earlier Mon-Thurs

Under Van lighting!

In certain times of the year when the evenings are darker earlier our variable colour under van lighting adds to the event!