A Great Wedding Entertainment Service

Busy Kids are Best!


Weddings can be tricky to try and keep the kids occupied, so this is a no brainier. A Gaming Van for Weddings Hire is a great idea. We liaise with your Wedding Venue in advance to position the Gaming Van in the best and closest location of the kids route to and from the main Wedding area. 

Total Supervision


Usually we have 1 member of our team for a Birthday party but hiring our Gaming Van for Weddings we can offer 2 people when choosing our Gold Package. 1 person helping the kids inside the Gaming Van and the other supervising the kids coming and going making sure they are safe.

Leave it to Us!


What makes us a great wedding entertainment service?... The adults can go and enjoy themselves on the dance floor or at the bar while we entertain the kids, making a Gaming Van for Weddings the ultimate choice. 


We try to be as flexible as we can

Come on, how many Weddings actually run to schedule? With wedding bookings we know it’s hard to predict exactly what time you want your gaming time to start from so we do try to be as flexible as we can as your wedding entertainment service 

Boys Birthday Parties Berkshire

We’ll liaise with your Wedding Venue for best parking

You can have 2 members of our Team with our GOLD Package!

All of our Team Members are very friendly and fully DBS certified

Adults can play too....

There‘s nothing more competitive to watch than two 9yo boys calling out to their Dads for a full on 4 player Fortnite battle or going Head to Head in our 2 Racing Simultors! A Gaming Van for weddings is awesome!

Any time of Year

Yes, with our on board Air Con and Heating we can control the temperature inside the Gaming Zone - and we DON‘T have the engine running.... that would be smelly! A Gaming Van for weddings is a great idea.

Bad Weather?..... No Problem.

Gaming is carried out with the rear doors open, so no one is shut inside, the doors are covered over with a bespoke canopy to keep the inside dark and watertight.