Next Level Gaming Parties


The Basics....

  • We park up
  • We plug in 
  • Our Van seats 10 Kids or 8 Adults
  • Rear doors left open (but gaming zone sheltered)
  • WE GAME!!!

Our friendly staff will help anyone with the games. Oh and the engine is NOT running.... that would be a very smelly Gaming Van party!


We need 2 normal household plug sockets to plug into but don’t panic, running the Gaming Van from your power for 2hrs costs less than £1. it's about the same usage as running a typical tumble dryer for 2hrs. We have very long 20m cables.

What about Bad Weather?

No worries. We have the rear doors open but covered so we are OK in most weathers but of course we can close the Gaming Van doors too if we need to! See our T’s&C’s for more info on weather. Reading

What about Heating and Air Con?

Yep, got this covered. We have both Air Con and climate controlled Heating specifically for the Gaming Zone. We should be ok all year round for our Gaming Bus Parties

Is my drive big enough?

The Gaming Van is no wider than an average 4x4 but we do need 8 metres in length to park the van. This includes the space for working with the rear doors open. This is the same as 2 Ford Fiestas end to end.

What about Internet?

Yes, we do need Internet for online gaming and we have our own on board 4G, this makes us a little special as most other Gaming Bus Parties need YOUR Internet. However, as backup we do like to know that we could have the option of using your internet if the 4G signal is poor in your area.

Age groups - 7 to 11

10 is maximum inside the Gaming Bus. Everyone will be playing, no waiting turns, there's always a variety of games going on to suit everyone, with regular game changing upon request.

Age groups - 12 to 13

8 is maximum inside the Gaming Bus. Everyone will be playing, no waiting turns, at this age some also prefer a console each as opposed to multiplayer.

Age 14 and Older

We do not cater for this age group, but of course we don't mind an older sibling or cousin among a younger group of kids.


Yes we have an entire Van full of Tv’s, Lights, Air Con and Soundbars but believe it or not it doesn’t actually use that much electricity!